We offer

- written translations from and into Chinese, Dutch, and English (no interpreting service)

- certified translations of official documents *

- expertise in different fields, such as commercial, legal (notarial certificates), technical (manuals, workbooks), promotional texts, art, literature, subtitling and calling cards

- cooperation between experienced translators in different languages, including a final check by the native speaker of the target language concerned

- editing or proofreading of texts and formulation of statements (e.g. regarding deviations in transcriptions of Chinese names)

* A certified translation is often required for official documents. A certified translator is sworn in at a District Court. The translation has to be legalised in four steps: at the District Court (e.g. The Hague District Court) where the translator is registered (for the legalization of the translator’s signature), the Ministry of Justice, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Chinese Embassy.